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Wedding in Rome

The research of the church is the first difficulty for a couple that decided to get married. Every couple has their own requirements: who is looking for a spacious church, who needs a large parking lot, those ones who want to celebrate their wedding in the church of the dreams and those ones who want to get married in a specific zone of the city.
This site has the purpose of facilitating the search for the ideal structure, by providing a range of information and technical data about many churches in Rome and surroundings (Castelli Romani).
Rome is the perfect city for a wedding, and the magical and romantic atmosphere of the city will make your wedding perfect. Not of minour important, the opportunity to shoot your photo in the old Roman Forum, Colosseum, Circus Maximus, St. Peter, Janiculum, they are all breathtaking scenery and unobtainable in the rest of the world, where you can capture the best momentof your life.

The rules of the Vicariate of Rome

We inform our visitors that the Vicariate of Rome set out a set of rules to celebrate the wedding in Rome. We cite the most important ones:

  • When booking the church, which shall not exceed one year of waiting from the celebration, the engaged couple must contact their parish priests, who will issue a certificate
  • In churches where marriages are more frequent it is not permitted without exception celebrate more than three marriages, to be distributed in the morning and afternoon. Between the end of a celebration and the beginning of another one will have to elapse at least one hour
  • For the wedding celebration outside the parish, the contribution towards the cost will be to the extent determined by the Vicariate (currently € 270)
Not only Wedding

This site does not have the unique purpose of helping the engaged in the pursuit of the perfect church for their wedding, but provides useful information to:

  • Interested in history, architecture and art, not being able to physically go to Rome to see its beauties, can console himself admiring, through our photos, the richness of the artistic heritage of Rome
  • Tourists will be able to gather information to decide if visit or not a specific church
  • Those one who attend church and want information on times of the Mass